White Road Baptist Church
Thursday, October 17, 2019
To reach and teach each person to believe, love, serve and imitate Jesus Christ

Vision 20/20

OUR VISION:                          

REACH with God’s love

  TEACH God’s Word                     

       IMITATE Jesus Christ                      

Our Church Values & What We Believe

1.     Our church believes in the value of the Bible

                We demonstrate it by living by according to God’s Word  

2.     Our church believes in the value of living in Holiness

          We understand that living in Holiness must be a lifelong journey 

3.     Our church believes in accomplishing our mission in our Outreach

                We understand that we exist so that we may outreach the lost

4.     Our church believes that we have the responsibility to make disciples

                We demonstrate that we value discipleship by being learners

5.     Our church believes that we are called to genuinely Worship God

        We fulfill our calling when His glory is our only motivation in all we do

6.     Our church believes that we must love the church as Christ did

                We demonstrate this love by giving up ourselves to one another